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FENOFILL     Two Component Phenol-Based Filler Foam


Fenofill is a 2-component Phenolic filling foam that foams instantly, does not burn and is mixed in a 4:1 ratio.
Thanks to its 50-70 times swelling and fast reaction feature, it can be applied quickly without foaming.

Product Features
  • Fast reaction minimizes mold needs

  • Fast insertion speed

  • Low formaldehyde emissions during product reaction

  • Allows product injection and spraying techniques

  • Dual purpose system; layer injection and gap filling

  • Injection against water flow possible

  • High foam factor; lower product consumption


Mining Applications

  • Fire Fighting

  • Filling the excavation area in the gallery and longwall mining

  • Filling gaps to prevent gas build-up

  • Provisional Fortification

  • It is suitable for use in the form of injection and spraying.

  • Ground Control

  • Gas and Ventilation control

  • Gap-filling

  • Structural repair and strengthening

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