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INPULEX NH/CH/ECH   Two Component Injection Resin

It is a two-component injection resin that reacts very quickly, for sealing and solidification in water-bearing areas above 0°C. Does not contain CFCs. These resins are produced for sealing and consolidation. The difference between Inpulex NH/CH/ECH; reaction times vary between 10 seconds and 2 hours.

Product Features
  • Restoration of wet sand and gravel

  • Consolidation in wet or aqueous layers

  • Injection processes of water inlets in shaft walls

  • Similar different applications

  • Sealing in fast water leaking areas

  • Stabilization and sealing in tunnels

  • Balancing the crown stands in tunnels

  • Mining Applications

  • Tunnel and Construction Applications

  • HEPP & Dam Applications

  • Ground Control

  • Gas and Ventilation control

  • Gap-filling

  • Structural Repair

  • Water Control

  • Sewer Repair

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