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INSILEX     Two Component Silicate Based Resin


It is a fast-acting, non-expanding two-component silicate injection resin.
It can be used in fine cracks for stabilization in both dry and slightly moist layers.
It is a product that can be used easily in fortifications as it has a fast load carrying feature.

Product Features
  • Sealing of loose and fine-grained layer formations against gas and water formation

  • Strengthening dry and naturally moist surfaces

  • Final strength after 15 minutes

  • Bond strength > 4 N/mm²

  • Non-foaming and elastic

  • non-flammable

  • Fast final strength even in thin layers compared to other resins

  • Mining Applications

  • Tunnel and Construction Applications

  • Repair of roads in mines

  • Bonding and stabilization of dry and damp surfaces

  • Providing gas and water tightness in loose layers

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