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FMY Kimya produces with the latest technology R&D studies, which you can use safely in mines; By blending the power of gap filling and layer injection products with expert field engineers, it allows you to get the results you want in the toughest underground conditions.

Mining Chemicals

Applied for purposes such as bonding cracked layers, preventing gas and water ingress, sealing, temporary fortification and reinforcement, injection chemicals have been used successfully in the mining and tunnel construction industries worldwide for decades. FMY Kimya is a pioneer company in the Turkish market in the production and supply of gap filling and layer injection products.

Layer Injection Chemicals produced by FMY Chemistry include Phenolic, Polyurethane and Silicate systems.

Phenol Based Products

Phenolic Foams; They are non-flammable, time-saving, reliable and economical chemical foams, especially used in mines, designed for rapid filling of cavities thanks to their high expansion properties.

Polyurethane Based Products

With our single and double component Polyurethane based injection chemicals used in Mines, Dams and Tunnels, we offer high performance coatings and injection and mining solutions for applications such as floor, gap filling, waterproofing, concrete repair.

Silicate Based Products

Our products that are used for the joining of layers in mines and tunnels, have a fast reaction, have various expansion properties or not, provide stabilization and sealing in all wet, dry or humid areas.

Mining Chemicals
Crack Injection and Gap Filling

     FMY Chemistry has a team of experienced personnel in gap filling and layer injection chemicals. The gap filling and layer injection chemicals produced by FMY Kimya and used in coal mining enterprises have the necessary qualification certificates . Layer grouting applications are routinely applied in underground coal mines to consolidate long leg bees and to prevent soil fall/collapse during production. These applications can be performed before or after mining operations as a precaution in case of unfavorable Tier conditions.


     Since polyurethane injection products can be injected under high pressure (mines use DESOI pneumatic (air-operated) pumps), it has proven successful over the years in preventing various amounts of water from entering mining operations or tunnel construction sites. Where timing is critical, resinous void filling systems are used to fill underground voids. The applications are applied regularly instead of filling the gaps created due to the collapse of the ceiling above the long pier support and during the progression of the galleries. Also, gap filling is performed behind steel fortification ties and many other underground applications to stabilize the ground and prevent movement. FMY Kimya maintains product stock for coal mines; continues its activities in this field with experienced teams and equipment for gap filling, layer injection, water stopping applications.

Injection Chemicals in Mines

       Mining Chemicals are chemicals that are applied for the purposes of filling the gaps between the rocks, especially in environments such as underground mines and tunnels, providing temporary fortification and creating a solid ground. With FMY Kimya Mining Chemicals, the sealing and durability of the gaps and cracks in the underground environments, whether rock or soil, is ensured.  

       One of the most important features of Chemical Injection systems is that they can enter into a chemical reaction with water in the ground and turn into a rock-hard form depending on the purpose of use. Moreover, they gain a durability that can maintain the strength of the ground even against high energy seismic movements such as earthquakes and protect the structure. There are also products that can react and foam in environments where water is not available. Single-component, two-component or even three-component products are available. These components are used to change the curing rate of the product or to initiate its reaction. They have the ability to stop the flow in a short time, even in environments with high water pressure.

       To summarize some of the features of Injection Chemicals:


  • Activation in wet and humid environments,

  • The reaction time can be adjusted,

  • Ease of application,

  • Providing sealing on moving floors,

  • Having products that are suitable for drinking water,

  • Applicable at low temperatures,

  • High compressive strength,

  • Applicable even in pressurized water outlets.

We Offer a Wide Range of Products & Services

From design to completion, our entire team, designers, project managers and experienced managers make our customers' needs a priority. With our team of experience in a wide variety of projects and challenging conditions, we use both proven practices and cutting-edge techniques to ensure our clients' projects meet their maximum potential.


Completed Project

We attach importance to quality & safety in our projects in order to create a better environment for our employees and partners and to offer better value to our customers.

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