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Oneshot Fiber is a macrostructural synthetic fiber designed to improve the durability and mechanical properties
of concrete instead of steel wire and mesh products.

Product Features
  • It increases the bearing capacity of concrete and provides effective crack control.

  • Excellent mixability and pumpability thanks to its homogeneous distribution.

  • It is easy to transport, store and use thanks to its low mass.

  • It has high chemical and alkali resistance.

  • It has high durability and does not cause corrosion.

  • It significantly reduces labor costs compared to steel mesh.

  • It increases the toughness and energy absorption capacity of concrete.

  • It increases the resistance of concrete against freezing and thawing.

  • It has a structure that does not affect magnetic fields.


Tunnel, Construction and Mining Applications

  • Shotcrete Applications in Tunnels and Mines

  • Tunnel Linings

  • Harbour Structures

  • Water Structures

  • In Field Concrete and Industrial floor concrete

  • Precast concrete elements

For a Stronger Future;

Choose One Shot Fiber!

OneShot Macro Fiber Fiberman Mascot
OneShot Makro Fiber Fiberman Mascot
OneShot Makro Sentetik Fiber Donatı

OneShot FiberMan

Provides Effective Crack Control!

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