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ONEFLOW 87    Concrete Admixture Chemical

It has been specially designed for the ready mixed concrete industry to replace traditional polycarboxylate-based water-blocking and plasticizing additives.

Product Features
  • It provides high workability without causing segregation in fresh concrete.

  • Improves concrete surface quality.

  • It is possible to obtain a quality concrete without delay in setting time.

  • It does not contain chloride ions.

  • It does not cause reinforcement corrosion.

  • Its admixture is used for all concrete classes from high quality to low quality.


Tunnel and Construction Applications

  • Repair and reinforcement of buildings

  • In tunnel, bridge, subway, dam and underground works

  • Where curved, domed, free shapes are desired

  • In slope stabilizations

  • Water tanks, reinforcement tanks

  • It can be used in swimming pools.

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