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ONESHOT 84   Liquid Set Accelerator for Shotcrete

OneShot 84 is a liquid set accelerator concrete admixture for shotcrete production.

Product Features
  • It reduces the risk of rebounding of concrete.

  • It ensures that the maximum concrete thickness is captured in one go.

  • Provides early strength of concrete.

  • It increases the adhesion of concrete and provides ease of use in overhead applications.

  • It does not contain chlorine.

  • Mining Applications

  • Tunnel and Construction Applications

  • HEPP & Dam Applications

  • In tunnel, bridge, subway, dam and underground works

  • Where curved, domed, free shapes are desired

  • Repair and reinforcement of buildings

  • In slope stabilizations

  • It can be used in water tanks, reinforcement tanks, swimming pools.

  • Anchorage

  • Grouting

  • Fill in spaces and gaps

  • Gas and ventilation control

  • Ground and water control

  • Joint repair and sealing

  • Pasting material

  • Structural strengthening

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