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It is a dark colored substance with a cloudy consistency, without a definite shape and size, not easily dissolved in water, not easily grinded, and turns into a white powder when grinded. It is used in the fields of adhesive, detergent, casting, metallurgy, furnace mortars, concrete construction, mining, soil stabilization, water treatment.

Product Features
  • It mixes with water in all proportions.

  • It gives alkaline reaction.

  • Its viscosity increases in proportion to the amount of substance in the solution.

  • Mining Applications

  • Tunnel and Construction Applications

  • HEPP & Dam Applications

  • Anchorage

  • Grouting

  • Fill in spaces and gaps

  • Gas and ventilation control

  • Ground and water control

  • Joint repair and sealing

  • Pasting material

  • Structural strengthening

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